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What is the biggest threat to Western Man? (What is our Tower of Babel?)

First I need to clarify that I am talking about the threat to our souls - or, the threat to our salvation; and that I am talking here about material means to the end of spiritual corruption.

And the main answer to this question is (in three words) The Transhumanist Agenda. In other words, the agenda working (by steps) towards a centralised system of complete technological observation, monitoring and control.

I am talking about the embrace and celebration of that vast and interconnected network of personal electronic communication devices from mobile/ especially smart phones, navigation devices, tablets, e-books, credit cards, smart TVs, ear pieces, the Internet of Things... the whole lot. Moving onto smart spectacles, and more-or-less implanted electronic and computational devices. And adding in the bio-manipulations - psychoactive drugs, potntially genetic engineering, modification of human bodies and brains etc...

This is not generally understood to be the worst problem or threat to Mankind; in fact this is (to a large extent) exactly what many people most want - which is exactly why it is the worst problem (as a problem it is invisible, denied, ridiculed).

The reason people want these things is because they are regarded as tools that are 'enhancements'. The danger is that the can be, and are being, used not as tools or enhancements but as personal-monitoring, reality-filtering, and ideological propaganda.

People already live (mostly) inside the mass media, which edits and structures their reality - and they seem to like it, to prefer this to real life. But even if they don't like it, even if it makes them feel bad - they are anyway addicted to it, and increasingly unaware of reality outside of the mass media/ officially approved persepctive.

And this is the real and present danger.

There is, in our culture, a deep and visceral desire for magic; and this desire is a good and valuable compensation and yearning - however it is often perverted to a desire for 'super powers' that can be used the better to 'get what you want' - and this is probably why The Establishmet allows and indeed supports an infrastructure of Fantasy in TV, movies and fiction - and why so much of this is channelled through 'cool' Special Effects.

These inculcate passive, literalistic, wish-fulfillment fantasies that are connected (implicitly and explicitly) with the technological advances of the Transhumanist agenda. 'You too' can (first in imagination, later in actuality?) become an X-Man by genetic engineering; or get Bat/ Spiderman enhancements by novel technologies; or experience the spectacular other-worlds of Star Wars/ Trek...

At the minimum - the promise is of a 'virtual' reality in which these things will seem completely-real; which amounts to handing-over the entirely of our perceived reality to... whoever controls the virtual reality media; and serving whatever agenda they choose to implement.

Do people trust the mass media, big business and bureaucracy? At one level they don't; but they have been induced to ignore their legitimate mistrust by their greed for gratification here and now; by the hope or promise of a personalised virtual reality that can and will provide full control over their own perceptual world; and even (via drugs and genetic manipulations) control over their own emotional responses (unlimited and unconfined sex, adventure, power).

To agree to live in virtual reality would be a one way ticket to a world in which Men would be very-completely manipulated. Men would still be 'free' in their souls - but they may live a life when they were almost never aware of the soul's existence; and where they may be induced to doubt the reality of their true selves.

Hence the Tower of Babel comparison.

If it gets to the point where the virtual world is an incipient reality; then that would (I guess) be the point at which God would intervene to destroy any society which was on the verge of implementing it. Because God would surely not sustain (for Satan's benefit) a world in which the probability of chosen self-damnation for so many people (especially those brought up in it from childhood) was so very high.

In sum; my belief is that if we do not voluntarily reject the promise of a virtual world of total perceptual control; then we will - for our own good - have even the possibility eliminated. At the cost of vast destruction, I presume.

And, so pervasive and embedded in modernity are the trends towards Transhumanism; that to reject the virtual world entails a radical re-conceptualisation of the human condition: a spiritual awakening as I term it

Non-negotiably so.

Was the global Establishment conspiracy pleased with the Obama Presidency?

Well, no, obviously not - they were very disappointed.

Much like everybody else is disappointed who initially supported Obama; except for those who personally benefited from the enhanced within-US racial hatred, which has been his primary (and likely to be most lasting) legacy.

On the basis that BHO was (from the Establishment perspective) a docile dupe and 'front man' (rather than an active-insider-member like HRC was intended-to-be); it was hoped either to 'turn' Obama into an insider or make him a proactive implementer... but it didn't really happen.

Obama could have caused much more destruction of The Good than he did; so why didn't he?

I think the powers that be underestimated the man's self-satisfaction and laziness.

BHO was content to bask in the unearned adulation of being the first (half-) Black President. But this was only the latest example of a lifelong pattern. First he basked in the national acclaim of being the first (Half-) Black Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Breaking all precedent, Obama was too lazy to use his position to publish his legal opinions (if he had any); after which he must have been the only faculty member of the University of Chicago since 1900 never to publish anything at all; including that he failed himself to write and deliver a draft of his (unearned and lavishly paid for) autobiography - and had to use a ghost writer.

If it was hoped to spiritually 'possess' Obama with demonic evil; that too seems to have failed - BHO is probably much too pleased with being who he already is, to invite or allow a soul-takeover from some external entity.  

This kind of self-entitled laziness is characterological and not something which can be overturned merely by being made POTUS; and this was the mistake of the powers that placed Obama in that position. He could have done so much evil - yet he preferred to play golf or basketball...

And for this, Christians ought to be very grateful indeed! He delayed the agenda of evil by several years. This is not to Obama's personal credit; but is an example of the way that evil sometimes trips itself through its own narrow pride, blindness and impatience. 

Hence the decision to place a wholly-corrupted insider in the White House in 2016. But full-on spiritual corruption is hard for a human body to maintain, decade after decade, and HRC is now a mere shell of a person, barely animated by the wickedness that possesses her.

Things could have been much worse than they are; which may turn out to be helpful.... but only if enough people now wake-up sufficiently from their hypnotised deception to recognise what has been happening; and if they become able to reignite the sources of love and courage which will be necessary before any positive and good new direction can reverse and roll-back decades of wickedness triumphant...

So let us be somewhat grateful at how things turned-out, but not complacent - it gives a slight opening, no more - and it is up to us to expolit that opening; first to reform ourselves, and (only) then press for social reform.

Why is commenting suspended on this blog? Success, not decline...

1. I have been getting very few publishable comments lately, yet...

2. In terms of page views (and posts) the blog has been thriving as never before - November 2016 had the highest ever number of views (nearly 80,000) and posts (67) with each new post typically getting between 500-1000 views; more than double a year ago (and some of the most viewed posts have no comments, or just a couple).

3. Therefore, the comments are apparently not contributing significantly to the popularity and value of the blog - for me, or for readers.

4. Nonetheless, because there were comments, I needed to moderate and check these several times a day - which was a bit of a tyranny on my time and effort.

5. Therefore I have stopped comments altogether. I am happy to get feedback by e-mail instead, and could in principle post this as a footnote to a blog post. If there are previous comments of yours that you value but are now invisible, you could write and ask me for a copy and I may be able to oblige.

Magic and the Christian priesthood; magic in everyday modern life...

It seems distinctly possible that there can be no viable priesthood, including Christian priesthood, that is not understood to be magic-using: that is, understood to be magic-using both by the laity and the priests themselves.

(When I speak of magic here, I use the word in the loose fashion employed by modern secular people- and typically a belief in which is imputed to others (rather than the speaker himself) - which would include 'belief in' things such as healings, foresight and divination, revelations, answered prayer, angelic and demonic beings, ghosts, talismans or other objects with special power... anything which is associated with the world beyond the material. To the modern mind everything of this type is equally 'magic'; and all real religion is therefore magic.)

Magic is probably essential for priesthood authority - and for this authority to be legitimate the magic must be real - at least to the extent that there is some real magic being done by some of the priesthood.


I make this inference based on history, especially that of the longest-lived societies. Pre-Christ Egypt - with its magician priesthood ruled by a supreme god-priest - sets the benchmark; since then the Byzantine empire is the longest enduring polity, and it was a society saturated with magic, and the spiritual leadership was based-upon miracle-working monastics and hermits (who, by this analysis, were the true 'priests' even though mostly not-ordained).

The Roman Catholic church likewise seems to have been strongest when most associated with magical occurrences and a society which expected these - of course The Mass is (by this definition) a magical event which can only be done by a priest.

Among Protestants of strong faith, there is much magic - faith healings, revelations, explicit divine guidance via prayer, direct instruction from scripture, speaking in tongues and so forth; however, for Protestants these are not associated with priests but available throughout all faithful church members: priests have no specially magical authority or powers qua priests (but only perhaps as charismatic individuals), consequently they are not regarded as priests - and indeed the word is seldom used.

Among Mormons, all members have direct revelations from the divine concerning their own lives and other topics; all men in good standing are priests, and have special access to magical powers such as blessing and healing. Designated priests (Patriarchs) have a special clairvoyant power of foresight and wise advice; church general authorities - and especially the Prophet - uniquely have such powers concerning matters to do with the whole church.


Modern culture - and much of the best of it, that which seems to oppose the demonic hedonic materialism - has an explicit focus on broadly, or indeed specifically, magical themes. Magic is everywhere - yet many Christians affect to oppose this magic, while yet (as I describe above) devout Christian's lives are permeated with  (what seems to secular people) magic.

This weakens Christianity; maims it, sets it at war with itself and its potential allies.

The point about magic is motivation. The modern people who describe themselves as 'magicians' (witches, wiccans, warlocks, druids, wizards etc) and make a big thing about magic-described-as-such are (whatever they may claim) mostly intending to use magic as a form of power used to get what they personally want (which is often of a sexual nature - as generally happens outwith religion; sex being the second most powerful motivator, on average).

What is wrong with modern magicians is not their magic but their motivation - which is either personal or if not, then secular Leftist; hence (to put it bluntly!) evil. 


On the one hand we ought not to regard magic as anything other than a natural part of real life. Societies that deny the reality of magic destroy themselves - first spiritually, then materially.

But there is something necessarily new and different about the modern attitude to magic - due to the change in consciousness which has come over us as cultures and as individuals. As Owen Barfield described so well; our modern minds work in a different way from minds of the past - we are so self-conscious that we can even distinguish our selves from our thoughts (such, during introspection, even that our own thoughts may seem alien).

Magic may be natural, but we moderns cannot naturally be magic in the same way as a Medieval European, a Byzantine or an Ancient Egyptian was magic - we can only attain such unselfconscious immersion in magic via altered states of consciousness, by some kind of intoxication (deliberate self-impairment of thinking, especially in terms of clarity and purposiveness - a stripping-away or suppression of the self); including the group-frenzy of crowds focused on a charismatic magician/ priest,

But this is on the one hand a temporary and encapsulated magic, inadequate to our purposes; on the other hand it is misleading in terms of what is most needed and wanted.

Of course we need to acknowledge and live-by magic - but in a way that gives full authority to the self-aware modern mind; the magic we regard as real and effectual requires to be integrated fully into ordinary everyday, practical, social consciousness - not just for extended-moments of solitude or recreation.

In conclusion; we want and need magic in our lives; if we are to have priests they must be a group acknowledged to be especially 'expert' - knowledgeable and skillful - in the use of magic; but modern magic must not be (merely) a revival of the magic of the past - accessible only to children or those in altered states of consciousness: the magic of now and the future must be everyday and supersensory, spontaneous and purposive; powerful, but only in the service of divine destiny.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The climate change scam explicated in 25 minutes...

The bigger the lie, the more they will believe it - as was said by a notorious German Socialist whose name was Adolf Hitler. And - backed by an estimated tax/ bribe of 1500,000,000,000 dollars a year (certainly an underestimate), and the entirety of the government, 'scientific', political, business, legal, military, educational, health care and media Establishment - there has never in human history been a bigger lie than Anthropogenic Global Warming caused-by Carbon Dioxide - and preventable and controllable by carbon monitoring and regulation.

The situation is described with common sense and humour in this latest podcast by the redoubtable David Icke; who makes clear that at the root of the Climate Change lie is the United Nations; and the cover motivation is to provide yet another set of excuses (these ones crafted to appeal to a particular class of Green/ Environmentalist progressives) that create a 'need' and 'moral' justification for totalitarian, all-seeing, all-controlling World Government.

Brexit-in-name-only, Trump-as-perception only: We are still just at stage one of a spiritual revival

Five months after Brexit and, of substance, there has been nothing at all; Trump elected with a perception that he was intending to reverse decades of sliding into Leftist lunacy and self-loathing, and his decisions and appointments are merely 'business as usual' for a mainstream Republican President...

Well, what did you expect? If it was simply a matter of a majority vote overturning two generations of domination by the Global Establishment, then we would not be in the trouble we are.

If deep structural distortions, warped aspirations, psychotic perceptions and inverted morality could be undone from within The System, by unrepentant System-Insiders - then there would not be anything to worry about in the first place.

But none of this is true. The situation is so dire, the intentions of the ruling elites now so urgently destructive of Good; that positive change must be seismic - and must come from a change of heart among the mass of Western people as well as the replacement of key leadership personnel.

That nothing has yet happened is just as expected, because Brexit and Trump are only significant if they herald the first steps in a process which can only be effectual outside the established channels of power and influence; and they are only productive of Good if there is a widespread spiritual and religious awakening such that enough people recover their understanding what is Good, and the courage to pursue it.

Of this, there is as yet no overt sign. Probably there will first need to be a recognition that - after all - nothing has changed and there is no intention (from within) of any real change; but the most interesting step would be to see how a renewed spirit of Good might operate, what new channels it might flood into, how it would lead to results...

IF there is a spiritual revival and a spirit of common sense and determination, I have no idea what might happen, but hope I will soon get to observe this for myself.

I expect the unexpected.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Another thing I dislike about modern 'Greens' - their (non-religious) Internationalism/ Anti-patriotism

An 'international' perspective is fine and good when it comes to the Christian religion, and the mystical and literal fact of us all being God's children; but within that context patriotism - indeed regionalism, localism and parochialism - is the natural and healthy basic stance for any real environmentalist.

But the bought-and-sold and thoroughly-subverted modern Green political movement is relentlessly inter-nationalist - being far more fascinated by travellers' tales from exotic places than the doings of the actual neighbours; and being cravenly servile to the globalising agenda of the international super-rich cabal of billionaires and mega-celebrities whose exclusive meetings are (apparently) festivals of idealistic environmentalism...

The Greens' 'global agenda' (especially in relation to Climate Change) is a perfect excuse to impose centralised totalitarian systems of bureaucratic universal monitoring and micro-control - with obscene bribes and harsh punishments as the carrots and sticks.

(What place in these strategic plans for the bloody-minded independent farmer with his family living off 'three acres and a cow'?)

The same applies to their spirituality - which is usually some kind of eclectic sampling of remote Eastern religions; Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Jain or whatever - the important thing being that in the form adopted it does not constrain their devotion to the possibilities of an ever-expanding sexual revolution, identity politics-  and all the rest of the mainstream Leftism which a non-negotiable core to the modern Greens. 

By contrast, the older environmental writers were quite naturally loyal-to, patriotic-about, and focused-on, the good aspects of their locality.

Trying to change the world in accordance with our desires versus choosing to live in accordance with our destiny

If we seek power for its own sake, we may expect to be continually disappointed with the fruits of our effort; because the whole of creation is weighted against us. The reason is that success in this endeavour would be a negative factor in our spiritual education and tend to destroy the potential of our real consciousness.

In the same way that we keep dangerous and powerful artifacts out of the range of our childrens' grasp, so God has arranged for the real power of the universe to be kept out of our grasp. 

Power exists for us in direct ratio to the extent that we succeed in bringing our absolute nature to a condition of resonant life. This power then works for us quite spontaneously to reproduce in all our surroundings a 'drama' which represents the significance of our true Being. 

In this way our own true nature is caused to be portrayed for us externally, in order that we can know it as an objective experience; as well as an experience in our inner sensibility. 

Our true Will Power (aligned with divine destiny) causes people and situations to come together in our environment, so that they may live out for one another the whole significance of the quality of their true being. 

This purposive arranging of multiple environmental aspects does, of course, take a long time at the physical level. But those aspects which are expressed as higher spiritual levels are not under the same restrictive and sluggish constraints as the physical level; and can be experienced by us in great quantities and at great speed.

Our personal experience of freedom and fulfilment therefore consists in recognising that much of our condition has already been fixed for us, for our own eternal benefit. We find ourselves in a situation where Life will try to force us to pay attention to qualities rather than quantities; and to keep and use our individual true nature; even when we consciously attempt to avoid what we need and shed our true nature in favour of some superficial desire. 

(Edited and explicated from pages 212-3 of Chapter 16 The Will, in A Geography of Consciousness by William Arkle - published 1974.)

Note: I find this analysis very satisfying and convincing as a picture of why we each are in the situation in which we find ourselves, and what to do about it.

My impression is that I came to consciousness with a personality and set of motivations that had been corrupted by all sorts of false desires and distorted notions - and I now count myself fortunate (and blessed) that so few of these were allowed to come to pass.

Those desires which - by stubborn will power - I did 'succeed' in forcing-upon myself and the world, invariably led to bad, unsatisfying and tormenting outcomes that pulled me up short and - eventually, after denials and further fruitless efforts - compelled me recognise my stupidity and errors.

It also strikes me that the horrors of Radical, 'progressive', Leftist, secular activism over the past few centuries can be seen in this light; as a direct consequence of the cultural implantation of a multitude of false, superficial and harmful desires for oneself and the world - and the encouragement to force-these-upon the world by the sheer intransigence of our personal and collective will...

...An attitude that invariably lead to disappointing, bad, perverse and even inverted outcomes (outcomes which invite - but seldom lead to - repentance).

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The docile dupes and sinister sell-outs of the 'Green'-Environmentalist movement

The only uncorrupted heirs of Small is Beautiful are apparently the 'Distributists' - such as Joseph Pearce or the late Stratford Caldecott, or Albion Awakening's own John Fitzgerald - these being traditionalist Roman Catholics who derive their intellectual ancestry from Hillaire Belloc (e.g. The Servile State), and the dream of a truly Merrie England so vividly described and advocated by GK Chesterton.

As seems universal, only those whose beliefs are underpinned by traditionalist, patriarchal and family-oriented religion have proven both willing and able to avoid the self-deceptive lies and inversions of the modern secular-Left corporate-media-state complex.

Meanwhile most of the self-styled Green/ Environmentalists are (on the key issues) docile dupes and sinister-sell-outs; indistinguishable from the mainstream soft-totalitarians they claim to oppose but who they invariably end-up supporting.

More at:

Taking seriously the 'science' in Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Science

The work of Rudolf Steiner contains great (perhaps indispensable, at least for some people) wisdom and insight; but also over-confidence, folly and error - and the reason was, I believe, that he failed to take seriously that his method of Spiritual Science was (by his own account) a Scientific discipline and therefore, as such, as difficult as any other science.

Science is not some kind of standard, algorithmic technique which may be generally-applied, neither is it a machine for generating truth from data, neither does it reliably yield valid answers for any question (however ill-formed) you care to ask of it.

On the contrary; making a genuine breakthrough in science typically requires prolonged effort ('brooding') - intense and repeated attempts over a considerable timescale.

Unfortunately, especially later in his career, Steiner seems to have assumed that answers were to be had for the asking; and he got into a habit of using his 'method' of meditation to answer questions about anything which came to mind, or questions that were put to him by almost anybody - and he came to expect, and generated, rapid and copious answers to these questions.

Steiner became somewhat like a machine - speak or write a question, he would go-through the 'spiritual science' process, and he unfailingly gave forth a detailed answer.

Unsurprisingly, most of what he produced in this fashion comes across as artificially manufactured, arbitrary, and often clearly invalid. This, at any rate, is my explanation for Steiner's vast and hyper-precise schemata of multiple thousands of years of world spiritual and physical history and future inevitabilities, details about many specific human reincarnations, and schemes for the practise of pretty much all the major human political and societal activities...

(This mechanical productivity also comes across in Steiner's spiritual 'exercises' for meditation which are often on arbitrary topics without any personal significance for the trainee. This is to assume than anybody can do science on any topic, is motivated to do science on any topic; when almost the opposite is the case - each individual can only do good science on problems in which he has a genuine, deep and spontaneous interest.)

In real science (whether natural or spiritual) there has to be a genuine, strong inner-motivation to know the answer - to know the truth about some-thing. Only some people have this motivation - and of these, only some of them have the ability (and 'luck') to reach the answer.

Also, a large part of science is learning the correct question to ask (and the exact nature of the answer being sought - typically this is unclear in the early stages) - since most questions are badly-constructed because containing false assumptions; hence they are un-answerable. The process of trying to find an answer usually takes a long time - because the necessary pieces of evidence must be assembled, and often re-interpreted.

Quite often, after prolonged brooding, the properly-formed question and its valid answer arrive in the mind together, simultaneously.

My conclusion is that for Steiner's Spiritual Science to achieve its great potential - and to take its part as part of Man's individual and social destiny (but only if he chooses to embrace it) - requires a greater awareness of the requirements of Science; especially that each must find his own problem which most deeply concerns him.

This specific problem then becomes the basis for learning, developing, applying the general method of Spiritual Science - which especially includes a particular kind of Thinking*

(*Note: See the blog post below for more on this 'Thinking'.)

Thinking as a spiritual, super-sensory activity - how to get started

A great insight of Rudolf Steiner's, and one which should be of special relevance to all intellectuals; was that thinking is potentially a superb means of becoming aware of, understanding, and learning from the spiritual world beyond the five senses.

The comnon tendency is to suppose that spiritual knowing only comes from visions or hearing voices, from being overwhelmed by conviction, and in altered states of consciousness such as trances, lucid dreams or when in ill or intoxicated situations.

But Steiner (who perhaps generated more material, more words, on the subject of spiritual experience and knowledge than anybody else, ever) affirmed many times that thinking was not only possible but the best method of attaining spiritual knowledge.

Of course, we know that we can think about (almost) anything; and that is the basis of Steiner's insight. But the question is about the validity of this thinking.

There are many, obvious objections to Steiner's claim - and of course he does not mean that all thinking is always spiritually valid (that would be silly); rather he is claiming that clear, focused, purposive thinking, when directed towards certain subjects, and with certain motivations, is a source of spiritual knowledge - but he is always insistent that this aimed-at type of thinking has a form much more like the lucidity and alert-awakeness of scientific thinking; than it is like any state of 'possession', or anything dreamy or psychotic.

To do this; thinking should be embarked-upon in an undistracted situation where concentration and clarity are possible, and directed towards thinking about spiritual subjects of compelling (spontaneous) personal interest.

Once some purchase is obtained, some knowledge emerges as convincing; then thinking will move more and more into the spiritual world - and expand into the world of reality beyond the five senses.

In other words, we need not 'perceive' the spiritual world with 'senses' (as 'hallucinations') - rather, we can think the spiritual world: or, we perceive by thinking.

To get started on this requires no more than to become convinced that thinking (of this kind) may be a valid source of true knowledge; and to put it to the test of experience.

Note: Why should thinking be valid as a source of spiritual knowedge? The ultimate answer must be that it is built-into us, by God, for such a purpose. But it has not been much used in past ages as a source of super-sensory knowledge because this type of scientific thinking requires a 'modern' autonomous self - and this is why it is the destined primary spiritual method of the future.  

If we could meet; we would get bored with God long before He could ever become bored with us... (From William Arkle)

(Edited from Equations of Being Section Ten) 

We should feel the possibility that our love and friendship matters to our God; for if He is the very wise person who we consider Him to be, then we must look carefully at the nature of such wisdom.

If we had a very wise person sitting with us, in conversation in our living room in our house on earth, this person would be learning more from us than we were learning from him; although he had more wisdom to give us, as it were.

The reason seems to be that wisdom grows at an accelerating rate; the more it has, the more it can get.

Therefore, when we think about our God in the future, we should consider that, if He is keenly involved with us in our attempts to grow, then this does not feel to Him in any way a diminishment. Our God cannot condescend to us, because there is nothing in Him which is able to condescend, for everything to Him is enthralling, educative and beautiful.

If we could witness this meeting of God with ourselves, we may well consider that our God was very humble; but this attitude, which appears to us as condescending and humble, is a natural result of His possessing a high degree of wisdom.

It is a hard thought to bear, but we would get bored with God long before He could ever become bored with us.

We have to remember that we are behaving mechanically most of the time, and that most of the time our true awareness is not functioning through our personality at all.

In fact, if we could remember to put ourselves in God's place, just once in a while, we would very quickly stop doing many of the things that we consider are 'proper' forms of humility and reverence.

A few moments of true love are worth any amount of valuing for any other reason whatsoever.

Monday, 28 November 2016

There can be no repentance and conversion by stealth. Individuals - and the nation - must be Born Again

I often detect a furtive hope that The West will become good by stealth; perhaps insensibly, painlessly, by small incremental degrees... That a wise ruler may introduce reforms such that people are led insensibly back to good lives; or that sheer luck might lead us to stumble on what needs to be done... 

Another variant is that some secular mainstream political figure may lead The West back (or forward) into a spiritual and Christian life; either by covert concealment of his true beliefs, or what he is doing, or simply by applying common sense and realism.

These are nonsensical, dangerous and deeply false ideas: goodness requires, absolutely requires, self-awareness of what one is doing and why. Otherwise it is not goodness. 

The idea of a Born Again Christian has been a running joke among the intellectual elites for several decades - yet it is a necessary (but insufficient) aspect of being or becoming a Christian - even (or especially) for those who have been raised in the faith and lead exemplary lives.

Christianity is not a matter of doing good things, performing good behaviours, having good policies - anybody (an animal, even) might be trained or coerced to 'do good things'.

We cannot have goodness except by wanting it and knowing that we want it; a person or nation that has been leading a wicked life - systematically and strategically destructive of truth, beauty and virtue - cannot stop then reverse the down-escalator to damnation without everybody being aware of a lurch!

We must acknowledge our chronic and deliberate errors and wickednesses, and repent them, before we can reform our live or society in the ways that are necessary. This will not and cannot happen except in conscious awareness.

We must be Born Again.

St Cuthbert - by William Wildblood

...Cuthbert was persuaded that he had been visited by an angel. This inspired him to become a monk and devote himself entirely to God. He then spent several years as a priest travelling around the north of the country doing missionary work and spreading the word of the Gospel which at that time was still fairly shallow rooted in those parts. He was much respected for his asceticism and much loved for his kindness to the sick and the poor. He even gained a reputation for healing to such a degree that he became known as the Wonder Worker of Britain.

More at:

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christian infiltration of the Alt-Right (Neoreaction) - my six years of effort

Since 2010, I have been trying to infiltrate (unconcealed, upfront, in full daylight) and convert the secular Right movements such as Alt-Right, Neoreaction, Dark Enlightenment, the Manosphere...

This began from when I started work on my book Thought Prison - the fundamental nature of political correctness ( and has continued. I published a few Essays in the original Alternative Right webzine - and perhaps as a result was put onto the Dark Enlightenment 'map' among the  Christian Traditionalists ( Indeed, for the past few years I have gotten most of my blog traffic from the aggregator

All this suggests to me that there must be a considerable spiritual hunger, indeed a specific interest in Christianity, among the secular Right - but, aside from a few individuals, the movement remains secular, and indeed net anti-Christian.

Why should this be? There are two reasons - one good, the other an error. The good reason is that the bulk of visible and self-identified Christianity - including the main Western denominations - is thoroughly corrupted with the worst kind of Left/ Liberalism: indeed it is not just 'corrupted'; rather these churches are primarily Leftist, and their Christianity is just a matter of jargon and 'lifestyle.

The error is that Christianity (or The Reformation) is blamed for Leftism (as in the 'Leftism is a Christian Heresy' meme). The truth is that Leftism was in its primary origins a mixture of atheism and apostasy - caused not by Christian devoutness, but by its lack.

However, the stark fact remains that the Organised Western Christianity which confronts a new Rightist is elderly, feeble, feminised, cowardly, and unspiritual. While there are some smaller corners and cells of Western Churches that are young, vigorous, patriarchal, and family-oriented; these are hard to find, and (rightly) exclusive and excluding with regard to membership  - so not everybody can find a niche in any of the available alternatives. (I can't.)

All I can say is that people should not be put-off Christianity by any of this. Christianity is of immense power and potency - a deep well of courage and love - even when pursued as a personal faith - outside the churches.

I therefore say to anyone on the secular Right - don't wait to find a church: become a Christian first; and only then look around for a suitable congregation and denomination.

As Christian - explicitly, to yourself and others - your whole outlook on reality will be positively transformed in ways you can scarcely imagine; and then... who knows?

Who is the real boss of The Left? Wormtongue, Saruman, Sauron, Morgoth

The mass of 'well-meaning' Leftist bureaucrats and propagandists are the Wormtongues - the middle managers of evil; whose ambitions go no higher than bossing minions and henchmen, careerism and sex - plus a bit of petty schadenfreude and sadism. All in the name of a better world...

But Wormtongue works for Saruman; who is like the political leaders of The West - all high rhetoric and ultimate goals, master of persuasion and propaganda masking a  mind of metal and wheels. All 'regrettable sacrifices' and fake nobility. Disguising a desire to become...

Sauron - aspiring demon tyrant-god of this world; seeking the total and willing submission of a planet of servants and slaves; seeking order by total control and terrified worship. But ultimately Sauron too is merely an agent of his god...

Morgoth - the devil. What does he want? What Morgoth wants does not make sense because it is negation and paradox.


Morgoth loathes God the creator and he loathes all of creation; because Morgoth is and was and ever shall be second to Him.

And because God made Morgoth, Morgoth hates himself; he wants to be the creator yet also to marr and subvert all of creation.

Ultimately Morgoth wants to annihilate everything except himself - and then he would be forced to destroy himself, being the last remnant of divine creation.

Only when the universe is wiped-clear of all creation will Morgoth be 'satisfied' - by eliminating all satisfaction.

Morgoth is the ultimate nihilist - he desires to replace everything with nothing.

Thus a system of 'hard-nosed', bottom-line materialism, power and gratification is eventually underpinned by pure negative insanity. 


This is the hierarchy of Leftism - at each level except the final one, there are what appear to be 'constructive' projects, goals and aims. Each level sees the world in terms of its own satisfactions...

Yet eventually all success at lower levels of evil feeds the domination of the level above, and the level above that; and as the project of evil advances, so it becomes ever more the simple and sheer negation of Good.

(This we are beginning to perceive, ever more clearly. Leftism is eventually merely the destruction of all Good.)

The lower levels of evil are self-consumed or destroyed as the project proceeds - the positive goals (Wormtongue's greed, lust, spite - his life) eliminated from the bottom-up - and behind it all Morgoth feeds upon the negative energies, growing larger, stronger...

When will the mass of Wormtongues and his minions and henchmen, the many Sarumans and Sauron above them - realise that their ultimate justification of their vague Utopian goals and uncompromising aspirations for 'justice' is - deep-down - nothing more than the insane, non-sensical, everything-destroying, self-loathing of Morgoth?

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Pseudonymous commenters - this blogger's attitude to masked conversations

I very seldom publish Anonymous comments - but many of my commenters use pseudonyms. Of these, I am aware of the identity of quite a few - mostly through personal e-mail contacts; sometimes through finding-out who they are for myself, by following links, or doing my own web searches.

I certainly have a different attitude to comments from people whose identities I know, than I do to 'some random, unidentified pseudonymous character' who leaves a comment, or many comments.

The difference is that I treat the known commenters with much greater 'respect' (although this may not be obvious; since I am an unusually irritable and bad tempered individual!)

It seems to me that many pseudonymous commenters expect to be treated as individuals, and with a consideration and courtesy that - to me - seems appropriate and natural only to those with whom I have some kind of personal relationship...

At any rate I find myself relatively indifferent to the 'feelings' of pseudonymous-unidentified commenters as compared with how I deal with comments from those whose identity I know.

I don't apologise for this! It seems only natural and proper to treat people differently and worse in the context of a one-sided interaction where they know all about me; but I know nothing of them.

It is (psychologically) rather as if we were having a face-to-face conversation during which they insisted on wearing a mask and speaking via a voice-disguiser!

Men versus Elves - Saturday Morning Steeleye

When Men come into contact with elves or fairies, there may be antagonism - and the outcome can go either way...

In Seven Hundred Elves the tale is told about how the advent of Man destroys much that the elves hold dear (environmental damage due to intensive agriculture etc), and how they fought back - but were defeated and banished by Christian symbols... Chilling.

Better sound and a more polished perfomance is on the full album, first track:

On the other hand, in this song a young girl responds to an Elf Call to care for an elven child - but when the experience palls, discovers there is no going-back (I especially like the tasteful bass improvisation - Rick Kemp - during the playout):

On yet another hand, the Wee Wee Man - a friendly fairy is encountered and there is a bit of showing-off from him - but in the end the fairy and everything else disappears - and nothing much happens!

Friday, 25 November 2016

How good at research is/ was Oxford University? - my scientometric data from a decade ago

About a decade ago I was (with my colleague Peter Andras) doing a lot of scientometric research on university research performance (mainly in the sciences) - and (because I wrote regularly for the Oxford Magazine) we looked closely at the performance of Oxford, relative to other British Universities.

To our surprise, we found that Oxford did not stand out from other British universities - except in volume of production. Once we too account of the number of people, the quality of research (insofar as quality could be measured scientometrically - which is not very validly - albeit the direction of bias would tend to favour, not disadvantage, Oxford) didn't seem any different from the other big British research orientated universities.

Take a look for yourself:

In sum - Oxford was bigger - but not detectably 'better'.

(Later on, we found much the same for Harvard. MIT - on the other hand - was outstanding!)

Note: I completely stopped doing scientometrics, mainly because nobody at all was interested. Universities nowadays are run by managers - and managers are not interested in objective research - indeed they are actively hostile: they just want to cherry pick the data to justify doing what they have already decided to do.

Stop being Ano/ Pseudo-nymous

I feel that the (pseudo-) anonymity of the web is a pracise and a pretense that ought now to be dropped - people that use pseudonyms and write anonymously ought to begin publishing under their own names.

The fake anonymity of the web (fake because it is so easily broken by those who have power, when they wish to break it) was never a very good thing, on balance; but now I think it has become actively dangerous - it is encouraging a counter-productive frame of mind, it is playing-into the evil plans of the Establishment.

'They' want us to have the mind-set of fear that is induced by cowering in a shallow foxhole of trivially-easily un-masked denied or fake identity; invisibly lobbing out the occasional random grenade, or peeping-out briefly to take a quick pot-shot before ducking down and cowering again.

The fact is that - as I know from personal experience - when the Politically Correct Left, the Social Justice Warriors, want to 'get' somebody - then they do. Anonymity is no defence at all. They will instantly and without hestitation invent assertions and make-up 'quotes' which will be swiftly and irresistably propagated by the mass media - and their lies will be believed by the vast herds of docile addicts that consume the mass media.

This just is the situation - we need to know it, and refuse to fear it.

In the strategy to engineer the world ino a state of self-induced, self-desired, voluntary damnation and ruin: Fear Is The Key. Our prime directive is therefore to overcome fear.

Ano-/ Pseudo-nymity is a delusion; but one which encourages and enforces a state of deep existential dread.

The only viable strategy in a world of omni-surveillance is to find the courage to operate under your own name; and aim always to be honest about all things at all times.

That is not 'safe'; but then nothing is safe -- the point is not to crave an illusory safety but to live with what integrity, courage and love you can muster -- and eagerly repent your inevitable multiple failures to do so.

If/ When the firestorms come, refuse to engage the enemy on their level; maintain your high ideals and honest, loving integrity; trust in God --  and ride out the conflagration as best you can.

Afterwards, lick your wounds, brush yourself down - and start again.

NOTE ADDED: Part of this is that my feeling, at this time, is that we each of us need to be ready to speak the truth as we perceive it... Not mainly in the sense of shouting it from the rooftops or in the public forum; but in the sense of face-to-face, in small rooms and among small groups, a time may well come to each of us when it is absolutely essential that we do the right thing (perhaps speak a single word) - and upon this a great deal may hinge that we (at that time) are unaware of (but which will later become apparent). 

This means we must get into the habit of truth - otherwise it is very unlikely whether we will do the right thing, when it comes to it. Part of this seems to be getting-used to 'speaking' under our own names, and without the psychological crutch of a veil (however flimsy, in reality).   

The Eighth Narnia Book - an essay by John Fitzgerald

"Before I'd even read a word of Lewis I had stood enchanted in our suburban South Manchester bookshop, captivated by the cover of The Last Battle - the bonfire, the stable, Jill's bow and arrows, Eustace's sword, and the mighty red lion emblazoned on Tirian's shield."

The early-1980s, in Britain, felt like an especially intense time to be a pre-adolescent.

It was an era of style and colour, but also of riots, recession, and the ever-present threat of nuclear catastrophe. A local newspaper ran a series of articles on Nostradamus, and I was convinced that the end of the world was at hand.

I also believed, at that time, that there existed an eighth Narnia book, not a continuation, nor fan-fiction, but something on an altogether different level - a secret, hidden text that contained the essence and magic of Narnia, distilling it into a story, like to the one that Aslan had told us in the courtyard, setting off in its readers and hearers a reaction akin to Jewel's in The Last Battle: 'I have come home at last! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now. The reason why we loved the old Narnia is that it sometimes looked a little like this.' 

I was certain that before the final conflagration took place this book would reveal itself and make its holy yet homely presence felt in the world.

I hoped and prayed that I might be present when it did, and often I would imagine our school's classrooms and corridors dissolving and giving way to the stone passageways, cavernous halls and lantern-lit chambers of the Grail Castle itself.

In a tiny chapel, I was sure, at the top of a spiral staircase, the Grail and the eighth Narnia book stood between the candles on the altar, waiting for the appointed hour - the Kairos, the supreme moment - to roll around at last.

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