Saturday, 25 September 2010

Regular blogging suspended, again.

Thanks very much to regular readers and commenters.

Reason: either the blog has served its purpose, or else I have run out of daily ideas, or both.


  1. One can be regular but less frequent. You could, for instance, be Wednesday's child.

  2. @dearieme. I will certainly be posting from time to time, as I used to before July (often in an 'archival' way) but I don't know if it will be regular or on a specific day.

  3. I have enjoyed reading this blog and learned new things.

    Irregular blogging allows you to ripen your thoughts at your own pace. Daily blogging can sometimes become just filling the compulsory space. Feel free to comment on anything suitable you happen to ponder. You can also use and combine with any other area of life, society, religion etc. the large scientific-occupational-practical knowledge you have.

    Notice that because you are a professor and you have announced unspecified level demands on commenters, the bar to commenting is much higher than in normal blogs. What kind of demands people imagine? Likely really, really high. They might well ask themselves if they are professors, and when they notice they are not, they refuse to comment to avoid shame and embarrasment connected to stupidity (perhaps implied by moderation of comments). Authority heuristic is tenacious. In normal blogs it takes fairly long time to gain many regular commenters, and thus in your blog it is likely it takes longer. I mention this just in case.

  4. @ a Finn - thanks for this. I understand that my way with comments may be off-putting - but I really cannot stand open forum comments; and I just cannot set simple, comprehensible, precise rules for acceptable comments.

    In fact I would prefer to discuss postings with readers privately by e-mail; but they are apparently even more reluctant to do this!

  5. Dear Dr. Bruce Charlton, I read your entire "Story of Real Science" blog entries in one sitting and I will send you an email later this week regarding my opinion and questions.

    Don't worry about not posting frequently. Post when you have ideas as opposed to simply posting as an obligatory task.

    I feel very fortunate for having read your paper "Why are Modern Scientists so Dull" and your other blog entries.

    Hope you are well...

  6. @Kenny - I'd be glad to hear your comments.