Saturday, 9 April 2011

Book draft 'finished'


Well, I have finished the draft of the PC Book (title undecided) - which is drawn mostly from this blog.

I'm reasonably happy with it except... it is only 24 thousand words... (cut down from about 90K).

Somehow I just can't write a real book.

On the positive side, this one is set out in separate paragraphs, in an 'aphoristic' style, so it would make a (slim) book in length (in this respect rather like Wittgenstein's Tractatus - although probably not with all the numberings, and with more jokes...)

Any way, if regular commenters would like an rtf copy, then please e-mail me.

You can comment on the book if you wish, although I should warn that I will take about as much notice of the book comments as I do of the blog comments ;-)

- but seriously folks: THANK YOU.

It wouldn't (for what it is worth...) have happened without you.