Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Veterinary Society


Pondering the current British discourse on the necessity for legalizing and regulating euthanasia, I realized that under the prevailing Secularism, Leftism, Liberalism, Political Correctness we inhabit a veterinary society.

Our humane ruling elites see themselves asif caring vets, and the rest of us asif the animals they care for.


To a vet, the existence of animals is conceptualized purely in terms of their degree of contentment.

The kindly vet's job is to keep their animal clients happy and healthy, and to relieve their suffering.

And when the kindly vet sees terminal suffering, his instinct is to reach for the humane killer.

The kindly vet who sees a suffering animal wants to 'put it out of its misery'.


But since humans are sentient and spontaneously spiritual, the vets need first to persuade us that we are indeed animals; and our existence ought to be conceptualized purely in terms of our level of contentment.

In this, the vets have succeeded.


Soon we won't need the vets, we will all carry our own humane killers, we will live a lifestyle (not a life) dedicated to pleasurable distraction - and when the prospect of suffering seems too great, we will put ourselves out of our own misery.

That is our modern secular notion of eu-thanasia - the 'good death' - a swift and painless end to a pleasurable life.  

Simple - and attainable!