Monday, 17 October 2011

How to change minds? 'Burn' hearts by contact with Truth


From the introduction to God's revelation to the human heart by Fr. Seraphim Rose.

This introduction was written by Hieromonk Damascene and described Fr. Seraphim's lecture at University of California, Santa Cruz on May 15, 1981:


[Fr. Seraphim's] ultimate aim, of course, was to awaken people to that which they truly desired: the living Christ.

He recognized that, for all the spiritual denseness of contemporary Western man, the basic process of his conversion was no different from what it had been in past ages.

Conversion takes place when something in the heart begins to 'burn' at being in contact with God-revealed truth.


Before this can take place, however, the person often has to feel an absence of truth, and to actually experience suffering as a result of this want.


People in the affluent West often have this feeling of spiritual torment suppressed from their consciousness, so occupied are they with physical comforts and stimulations. 

In countries where people are deprived of freedom and comfort, on the other hand, the spiritual hunger of man becomes more immediate and desperate. 

[Hieromonk Damascene describing the beliefs of Fr. Seraphim Rose.]