Saturday, 8 October 2011

The world economic crisis - in a nutshell


Modern man does not believe in God or in gods; he believes in happiness or reduction of suffering.


Because he does not believe in God/s, modern man does not believe in reality - or if he does then he is not interested by it: after all, without God/s who would choose reality over happiness?

And without God/s happiness is purely within life, within this world - so why should anyone ever want to do anything that which might sacrifice happiness in this life/ world - even if it did lead to reality?

And who would be interested in Truth, Beauty or Virtue unless they led to more happiness? Nobody - that's who.


What possible reason could there be for sacrificing happiness to TBV? None - that's what...


So - the world economic crisis... What should be done about it?

Is it real, or is it that people are unhappy?

Is there really an underlying economic reality?

And if so, is anybody interested in finding-out about the economic reality; or, having found-out in improving the economic reality (whatever we regard as improvement - whether that might be real economic growth, or something else).


Or, are we really interested not at all in economic reality (which we think probably doesn't exists aside from human beliefs and expectations) - but instead in in making people happy about (what they imagine to be) the world economy?


Yes that's it: of course that's it.

What we really want, here and now, is that people feel better about the world economy - feel happy about it!

Because, after all, who wants to know or really cares about economic 'reality'? Either it doesn't exist - or it is boring - or unimportant - or merely a side effect of feelings (which we do care about).

Insofar as there is any acknowledgment of 'economic' reality, it is that it is a product of feelings ('confidence', 'optimism', 'panic', 'greed'...).

And nothing to do with production of food, shelter and warmth and 'real' stuff like that...


Thus - the world economic crisis.

Our bottom line is feelings; we regard economic reality as illusion - all significant policy aims at manipulation of feelings.

Our punishment will be to get what we have asked for: we shall have to survive on feelings...