Thursday, 2 February 2012

What does it mean to be an orthosphere monarchist?


Not that all monarchies are better than all non-monarchies - that would be silly.

Not that nations should be ruled according to the hereditary principle - the position of Byzantine Emperor was not hereditary, and that empire lasted 1000 years.

Certainly not that monarchy makes people wealthier, more powerful, freer, more secure or any other worldly thing - who knows?


Simply, that divinely-ordained monarchy is the proper form of Christian government; rulership by a monarch who explicitly rules by the will of God and in His name.

That this is potentially the best form of government from a Christian perspective, from the perspective of salvation.

This does not mean that (somehow or another) putting a Tsar in place to rule a secular, materialist, hedonic society such as our own would necessarily work well; it means, rather, that the kind of society which is wanted would resemble that of Byzantium or Holy Russia in that it would be primarily Christian: Christianity would permeate Life - and such a society would and should be a monarchy.


How to we get from here to there, given that the mass of the population in modern worlds simply want to live the life of the barnyard - wants to live in a state of 24/7 pleasure or distraction?

Who knows? - I certainly have no plans.

Quite likely it won't happen.

If it does happen, it will be due to prayer and providence, not to plans and theories.


But Christian monarchy is not pie in the sky - such societies have existed.

They were not worldly utopias, they were not the kind of life that modern people seem to want.

They were simply the best form of Christian government attainable in this fallen world - very far from perfect, but much better than the alternatives.


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