Thursday, 22 November 2012

Not Even Trying - my latest book is now published.


Bruce G. Charlton. Not even trying: the corruption of real science. University of Buckingham Press: Buckingham, UK, 2012. pp 156. ISBN: 978-1908684189

Available from


If you want to buy a copy, that will encourage and reward the publisher - but I have waived royalties so as to put the book online in text form after one year.

I think this is the best-written book (albeit a tiny book!) that I have so far managed to do - probably the best of which I am capable.

The book is derived from this blog, so thanks are due to those who helped it by stimulating me to write the original postings, and responding to them. 

BTW: The book has been read by about a score of people, and all but two of them think I go too-far in my criticisms of what-calls-itself 'science'.