Monday, 5 November 2012

Why the people of the West are being replaced


In the West fertility is below replacement for almost all groups or 'peoples'.

Although fertility is higher for the more-religious than the less- or un-religious; fertility is below replacement levels in all peoples except for devout Mormons and the self-isolated groups such as ultra-Orthodox Jews and Amish.


Chosen sterility in a people (I will use sterility as shorthand for below replacement fertility) is an unambiguous sign of evil in that people; because it derives from selfishness, short-termism, denial of human community (denial that one is part of a people), nihilism (denial that reality is real) and a turning away from the divine.


(Note: chosen sterility in an individual person is not an evil, however, but may instead be the highest good; when this is a consequence of that person's vocation within their people and in relation to the divine.)


Over a timescale of not-many generations, willed (chosen) low fertility has been destroying itself.

And over a timescale of half-decades, the evil of which low fertility is an indicator is currently killing itself by uncontrolled, unlimited, open-ended and denied mass migration/ immigration.

So what will replace it?


Two types of people:

1. The deliberate high fertility of the traditionally and devoutly religious (of various religions).

2. And the accidental high fertility of the less-intelligent and feckless.

These demographic trends are happening very fast indeed, visibly for those with eyes to see, and at a global scale.


The metaphysical lessons are maybe something like the following:

1. Any religion which leads to high chosen fertility is more-true than any ideology (or religion) that leads to chosen sterility.

Above replacement fertility is necessary but not sufficient for any religion with validity.


2. It is better for humans to be unintelligent and chaotic than for them to suppress their fertility.

In a teleological sense, it seems that if a people misuse their intelligence and conscientiousness and choose sub-replacement fertility then they will be replaced by groups with higher fertility - any group with higher fertility.

And the low fertility peoples will find themselves helpless to stop this from happening, because the low fertility is evidence of their state of evil - their atomism, their short-termist hedonism, their preference for abstraction and distraction over experience and common sense.


Evil is self destroying because evil is destruction of the Good; our society is evil because it hates the Good; and our society is will-fully (applying intelligence and working hard at the job) destroying itself.

The West is not being destroyed by God, and could be saved if it repented and asked God for help; but the West will not ask God, and God will not (it seems) intervene without being asked.

When - as a people - we are turned away from God and in service to evil, God will just let our people have what we want, and it will kill us.

Because we are sinful men, and what we want will kill us if we get it.


(An illustration: the West denies that it is a people; and assert that we are instead a collection of detached individuals. Our punishment? That this assertion becomes reality, and as a people we perish, and exist in the alienation and existential loneliness of love-rejecting and un-loving individuals.)


The unrealism of our people is so abhorrent to God (so detached from reality) that the universe would prefer that we were replaced by the adherent of any other fertile people - whether from any fertile religion, or even by other humans who are simply too unintelligent and too chaotic in their lives to be able to control their own fertility.

We are that bad.

If we stubbornly refuse to stop ourselves, we  - as a people - will have to be stopped; and we will be stopped.