Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Did you know? The Salvation Army...


is a non-sacramental Christian denomination.

I had always assumed that the Salvation Army was something done by various Protestants (nonconformists) when they put on the uniform some evenings and at weekends. I had never realized that it was a distinct denomination - and one that rejected baptism and communion.

And yet I have SA members in my own extended family (ex Plymouth Bretheren from Ulster) although clearly I was never interested enough to ask them what it meant.

I got this from AJ Kreielsheimer's Conversion and the chapter on the SA founder General William Booth.

I found it encouraging that the Salvation Army seemed for several generations to preserve a strong and genuine Christian life despite the lack of sacraments; but with a traditional and patriarchal heirarchy.

This seems to expand the realm of possibilities for Christian resiliance and survival.