Tuesday, 23 July 2013

When, in history, would you most like to have lived?


This came up in a dinner table conversation the other day - and I found it hard to answer. Most of my thoughts turn to fantasy - some rural idyll like Tolkien's Shire, Wootton Major, or Little Kingdom; or Lloyd Alexander's Prydain; or Carol Kendall's Land Between the Mountains - rather than actual history.

But then I tried to think of a time when I sensed that the people - by which I mean writers - were most like myself, when I might have fitted-in - and I came up with the middle seventeenth century in England with characters like Robert Burton, John Aubrey, Izaak Walton, Thomas Browne, George Herbert...

These may not be my absolute favourite authors, but they are perhaps the most congenial to my spirit.