Monday, 25 November 2013

Today the single most profitable drug in the world is an antipsychotic - the same type of drug that was given to Soviet dissidents in psychiatric prisons


Medicine is going backwards overall - especially psychiatry - due to gross over-prescription of ineffective, unneccessary, harmful and dangerous drugs that ought to be used rarely (if at all) - supported by an ocean of pseudo-scientific research of extreme and calculated dishonesty.


The best example of the phenomenon is that Ablify/ aripiprazole is the biggest selling drug in the world (1.5 Billion dollars of sales in a Quarter - that is to say SIX BILLION dollars per year).

Aripiprazole is an antipsychotic/ neuroleptic major tranquilliser that works by inducing Parkinson's disease in a dose-related fashion.

In particular, antipsychotics demotivate people, rendering them passive and indifferent. It was for this reason that antipsychotics were forcibly prescribed to political dissidents and Party opponents in the psychiatric prisons of the Soviet Union.

The antipsychotic drugs also cause a form of permanent Parkinsonian brain damage called Tardive Dyskinesia. They also cause increased rates of suicide.

In the West these drugs were traditionally given for Schizophrenia and a few other severe psychotic states; but real schizophrenia was never common and is becoming rarer:

The excuse for zombifying so many millions of modern people, including children, with antipsychotics is by creating a new (fake) diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

And 'treating' this fake diagnosis with antipsychotics re-named as a new (fake) category of drugs called 'mood stabilizers' -


Antipsychotics aside, a look through the other agents on the Wikipedia list of largest grossing pharmaceuticals as of June 2013 is to see a litany of mostly actively harmful (on average) and inferior agents ('me-too' derivatives of of 'me-too' derivatives); combined with the outcome of gross overprescriptions of grossly overpriced useful drugs of modest value to small numbers of people with rare conditions (but with prescriptions amplified by sales manipulations - such as the use of randomized controlled trials used as marketing tools).

This list of drugs is a microcosm of what is wrong with modern medicine; and the amount of money listed in the sales column tells us why.

We are living through a truly staggering era of high profit mass poisoning by prescribed pharmaceuticals, masquerading as the era of 'Evidence Based Medicine'.

Things are almost certainly much, much worse than you realize.

It is distinctly likely that you yourself are already a past or present victim of (unneccessary) prescribed pharmaceutical poisoning - and almost certain that (assuming present practices continue) you will soooner or later become one.


Read Pharmageddon by David Healy - 2012 to appreciate the scope and scale of this.