Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Utah, antidepressant prescription and suicide rates - brainwashing in action


Supposedly, the US (predominantly Mormon) state of Utah has the highest rates of 'antidepressant' prescriptions per capita, and also the highest rate of suicides, among US States.

I can't track down the original studies to check these claims  - but 'everybody' believes this, so let's assume they are correct.

What all this is supposed to reveal, according to the brainwashing media interpretations, is that behind a facade of cheerful efficiency Mormons are 'really' miserable.


What the data actually reveals is that:

1. Per capita 'antidepressant' prescription has nothing to do with need - in particular nothing to do with 'depression'.

(Not least because the most used so-called 'antidepressants' - i.e. the SSRI groups such as Prozac - are not antidepressants; and are demonstrably ineffective against real (endogenous) depression. They are actually emotion-stabilizing/ serenic agents - when they work.)


2. So-called 'antidepressants' of the SSRI-type cause suicides.

This is not news, it has been known since the drugs were trialled, and has been public knowledge for more than two decades, and 'black box' suicide warnings now appear on the drug information inserts.



Therefore, the proper interpretation of the Utah numbers is that

1. The Utah population is prescribed a lot of antidepressant drugs which they don't need and are bad for them - presumably because it is profitable to do so - and plausibly because the Mormon population are so health-careful, and have been deceived into believing that antidepressants are necessary for their health.

2. This massive over-prescription of 'antidepressants' is causing a vast epidemic of suicides in Utah - this is consistent with the well-known pattern that SSRIs on average cause suicide, rather than prevent it.

(Because that is what a mass of research has been telling us for the past generation).


So, brainwashing in action and effective on a massive scale!

The facts are widely known, and as solidly-established as medical science ever gets; but nobody is joining the dots!

That is how mass media indoctrination (manipulated by Big Pharma) works - the relevant facts are clear and widely available and the implications are in-your-face; but spin focuses public discourse on irrelevant facts and fake explanations.

The scandalous situation that the Utah population are victims of mass medication-caused suicide is converted, at a stroke, into just another anti-Mormon sneer and snigger.



For access to the mass of evidence on this topic - you can word search and browse http://davidhealy.org/.