Sunday, 1 December 2013

Note - The politically correct elite are NOT manipulating the masses for their own benefit: the situation is much worse than that


The biggest difference between a secular critique of political correctness and a Christian critique is that the seculars see things in terms of who exploits whom; while a Christian may see things in terms of the war between Good and evil: between God and Satan.

Is there a perceptible difference? Yes, I think so.


If it is agreed that the present Western ruling elites are destroying the peace, prosperity, comfort and status of their own lives along with everybody else's (just delayed by a few extra years), and also destroying the lives of their descendants (if they have any), and also the lives of their friends and colleagues, and also destroying the long term success of their own supposedly most cherished ideals and allies...

Then the choice is between the modern Leftist elites being afflicted with some combination of incompetence and suicidal insanity 

- or else, instead or in addition, service to purposive evil

(by which I mean deliberate destruction of The Good - destruction of Truth, Beauty and Virtue and also the unity of Goodness).

So they are either dumb and mad only; or mostly evil, plus various possible degrees of dumbness and madness.


I think if we honestly and objectively look at the world we can observe empirically that the politically correct elite seek-out goodness in order to attack it, and seek out evil in order to promote it.

And they do this in the teeth of resistance, with tenacity, with zeal, doubling-down on the job. 

This cannot be explained by random madness or dumb good intentions. 

Of course, the modern politically correct elites don't try to destroy all forms of Good, nor do they promote all forms of evil - but I think long term trends show that this restraint is only a mixture of  tactics and the impossibility/ incoherence of pursing all evils at once - over time I think we can clearly see that sooner or later all Goods will be attacked, all Evils promoted.


So, assuming that you are a Christian and regard rulers as being in service to Satan as a real possibility - then I think this is a much stronger hypothesis than the psychosis/ incompetence idea.

Even if the elite are indeed crazy fools, which I think they are; the big problem is that they are bad crazy fools.