Friday, 31 January 2014

More on Christianity and 'open borders' mass immigration


Non-Christian reactionary Rightists often seem to reject Christianity because they cannot find a church which is both Western and agrees with their political programme - for example they cannot find a sufficiently anti- uncontrolled-mass-immigration Christian church.


My attitude to this stuff, is that this is a pseudo-problem.

Any real religion rules-out something like 'open borders' mass immigration; simply because OBMI is a product of the insanity of forgetting God.

Any real religion rules-out something like 'open borders' mass immigration - not as a matter of explicit policy or planning; but much more importantly just because a policy of OBMI is only possible in an apostate society; which has, in consequence of its secularism, become psychotic.

Any real religion is intrinsically and in practice going to be anti-OBMI - no matter what they may say or think about the matter under current conditions.


There is nothing to debate about the lunacy and/or evil of modern political correctness (such as OBMI); it is not a subtle or difficult matter, it is as plain and obvious as anything political possibly could be.

And if someone cannot instantly-perceive that OBMI is insane and intrinsically-destructive, then it can only be because they themselves are either insane or destructively motivated (or both).

Modern religious people, including many or most real Christians, are also caught-up in this general insanity - they are seldom exempt unless they practice de facto isolation from the Mass Media which originates and enforced New Leftist political correctness.

In fact there is hardly a person alive who is untainted in some way; if not on one issue then another.

But trying to reason a madman out of his unreasoning madness is futile: we must first try to cure the insanity, then we will not need to reason with him.


(Our society is insane, by strict criteria - we are psychotic, thought-disordered, hallucinatory - perceiving things which aren't there, lacking in reality testing, delusionally-fixated upon falsehoods and un-persuadable in our adherence to error.) 


The insanity of modernity is caused by forgetting God and hating God; we cannot cure it without God.

Religion is the first and only cure for the endemic insanity of modernity.


So, we need to subordinate politics to religion.

We simply have to bring back God as our essential priority.

Any proper religion would work in this respect, but I mean specifically real Christianity of any type or denomination; and after this, but only after, all the crazy and lethal self-inflicted pathologies of political correctness will swiftly evaporate.


Cure the insanity and its consequences will disappear.

But religion must come first. We cannot have the benefits of religion (such as sanity) without religion.