Thursday, 27 February 2014

Self-extermination by sub-replacement fertility


All the secular populations of the developed world, plus a lot of religious people, are self-exterminating by sub-replacement fertility.

This is probably why there is zero practical resistance to Western populations being replaced by mass migration from the fertile parts of the world -


My reading is that, at some deep and barely-conscious level, the secular Western world hates itself so powerfully, that it believes it deserves to become extinct and be replaced; and The West is covertly yet swiftly working to achieve self-extermination.


Sub-replacement fertility is made possible by multiple, widespread and cheap reproductive technologies - contraception and abortion - which allow people to have sex without procreation.

Therefore, most babies born in the West (expect for the offspring of those to unintelligent or feckless) are nowadays chosen - and en masse the secular West is choosing the path of self-annihilation.

The exceptions, those with chosen above-replacement-level fertility, are devout and monotheistic religious groups.


The implication is, I think, that to avoid nihilistic despair, modern Man needs:

1. To be religious

2. To believe in a personal deity

- because 'Eastern' style religions and spiritualties (including New Age), which lack a personal deity, are not able to sustain above-replacement fertility - and therefore, like secular groups, impersonal religions exhibit apparently high levels of existential self-hatred with consequent slow-suicide at the population level.