Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Hogwarts Professor on five 21st century activities that thwart a mystical and Godly life


There are five 21st Century activities that separate us from a transformed vision and authentic theocentric human life: 

1. Classroom education, 
2. Following current events (‘news’), 
3. Watching screened images of any kind (film, video, tee vee), 
4. Eating processed food especially sweeteners and dairy, and 
5. Driving a car or even being driven about on a regular basis. 

But driving is much worse than riding.

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The Hogwarts Professor is John Granger, an inspired and deep writer on Harry Potter matters, a devout Russian Orthodox Reader, ex-US Marine - and a penfriend. His list is not theoretical, but based on personal experience, What his list amounts to is, I think, a tested recipe for detachment from contemporary culture (1,2,3) - increased self-discipline and asceticism (4) and an attempt to maintain contact with surrounding reality (5). 

These Five would not be optimal for everybody - for other people, other things might take a higher priority.