Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My friend Penelope


I have a friend called Penel-oh-pee
Who has a pet Antel-oh-pee.
She looks so sweet
As she walks down the street
With a letter inside an Envel-oh-pee



  1. Bravo!

    My daughters and I were just reading some Ogden Nash and concluding that good poetry has gone out of the world because silly poetry has.

  2. @Adam - The poem was taught me in the oral tradition by my mother - my only contribution has been to title and spell it so as to bring-out the joke.

  3. Coincidentally, if our next child is a girl I've been plumping to name her Penelope. The girls tease me, 'why do you want to name her Pen-el-OAP?'