Sunday, 1 June 2014

Why logic, reason and evidence are unable to extract modern skeptics from the alienated nightmare of nihilism


Any reasonably thoughtful and honest person knows that nihilism is self-refuting; but we nonetheless find ourselves ‘stuck with it’.

Reflex skepticism becomes a corrosive habit. It never goes anywhere, but it blocks all constructive progress.

What is needed is not a logical solution, but a psychological solution (or, as may later become obvious – a spiritual solution).

Another way of thinking about it is that logic is asymmetrical – it is very effective at destruction, but puny at construction.

So a logical person may find themselves compulsively able to demolish meaning and purpose; but cannot use these same tools to construct (or discover) meaning and purpose.

Religious faith in the modern context and for modern people is necessarily a very different thing – a post-skeptical thing – than it was in a society which had never been conformed (from an early age) to the hegemony of secular Leftism.