Friday, 8 August 2014

One and a half million page views - Ta Dah!


Although this is a declining blog, in terms of the impact of new posts - and daily page views peaked 9 months ago at about 55K and have been dwindling gradually... nonetheless I have just noticed that it has now passed the 1.5M mark and today's stats show "Pageviews all time history - 1,501,478" for 2,683 posts.

Oct 2012 - Half a million (this took more than two years of daily blogging)
Oct 2013 - One million
Aug 2014 - One and a half million

Since I don't make a bean from the blog, or from the mini-books which it spawns; these numbers are just about self-esteem/ vanity. The principal value of the exercise, from my point of view, rests on a few personal e-mails I have received from readers over the past four years - telling me that the blog has been helpful in their spiritual life.

To those readers - thank you for telling me.