Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hashtag Mouse Utopia - Terminal Phase (Example: Ebola)

Insights rapidly become trivialized - especially in the modern mass media world.

The slang usage of 'Hashtag' (#) to mean a category of communication that is trending, significant - a kind of accolade of popularity - comes from the most insidiously destructive of all the social media so far (Twitter) and will surely be short-lived.

Nonetheless, I have recently found myself murmuring 'Hashtag Mouse Utopia - Terminal Phase' to categorize those phenomena in the news which most clearly demonstrate the irrevocable and self-willed decline of our civilization: those phenomena which combine up-front moralized-incompetence, with a dishonesty, with not-even-trying all wrapped-up inside a covert death wish (nihilism, the inversion of values, hope-less-ness and despair; leading to self-hating and self-willed suicide at the individual and cultural level).

These I associate with the Woodley interpretation of the final and fatal phase of the Mouse Utopia experiment,

which I have equated with the current phase of the West.


This is, of course, a shallow and intellectually-indefensible reductionistic over-simplification of a multi-causal and interactive phenomenon.

But I do it anyway.


A prime example was triggered by reading The Ebola IQ Test on James Thomson's Psychological Comments Blog

The situation is that, from at least the Medieval Black Death until quite recently, Western Europeans used to know how to manage infectious epidemics - and the matter was clarified greatly by Pasteur and the germ theory.

However, political correctness, not even trying, rampant lying about everything, and the fact of ruler-ship and policy-making by the mass media - combined with massive declines in intelligence, the consequences of mutation accumulation and a secret death wish cult consequent upon the decline and suppression of Christianity... have all combined to lead us to the current situation of Western governments and agencies gambling with the possibility of mega-death and societal collapse, rather than take simple and obvious preventive action.


This is not new, exactly the same happened back in the 1980s with AIDS - but since AIDS is not very infectious, there were probably only a few hundreds or thousands of extra deaths by government policy.

(Don't worry. Just think of them as necessary sacrifices on the altar of secular Leftism.) 

Therefore the Western response to the Ebola epidemic immediately gets classified under Hashtag Mouse Utopia - Terminal Phase.

...But then, when you think about it, all major mass media news stories, without any exceptions at all, are in this category.