Friday, 20 March 2015

We *must* have motivation - but where can we find it?

Religion - that is where we find it; and there is no alternative.

So... Choose your religion, choose your denomination.

But then what? That is just to point yourself in the right direction of finding motivation - it is not taking one single step in actually becoming motivated.

Ideally, you find a denomination, find a church and ask to join that church - and be allowed to; participate as fully as you can and discover that doing so motivates you.


But any of these steps may be blocked, or may fail to generate motivation - indeed, some find some, most or all aspects of participating in an actual church to be de-motivating.

This does not necessarily mean that person would or should leave that church - but it does mean that they must seek motivation elsewhere (and I emphasize must - because sufficient motivation is not merely an option, but a necessity for the good life).

What then?


We will need to seek and make motivation outside the church (but in line with its teachings).

How? Here are some suggestions:

  • Meditation  and/or Prayer - These require some learning; therefore time set aside, effort made over sufficient time. 

  • Reading - scripture yes, but also (and perhaps mostly) devotional books, and in general reading which provide the right kind of motivation: novels, poetry, essays, drama. The principle can be extended to music and the visual arts.

  • Tithe or donate some of your money (or time) to religious causes, especially specific churches - what kind of causes? Evangelism is perhaps the primary one, especially evangelism in the place you live; but also all manner of support for Christians in the efforts to live Christianly.  


What you could be aiming-at is building in yourself a lively sense of the reality of God; a real sense of the living God.

That God is not just alive, and real, and out there - but also inside you.

And, to be motivated, hope is essential. And the hope must be hopeful - hope needs to be as solid and as specific as is required to give you motivating hope. This probably requires knowing more about Heaven.