Monday, 11 May 2015

Microagressions - Why the Left is so hysterical about trivialities

Why is it that the Left has focused on ever smaller and smaller issues, until now the Left is exercised by issues so tiny that they are acknowledged as 'micro', as in the phenomenon of micro-aggression? - The prefix micro confessing itself to be 'one millionth of' a significant aggression.

This attention on ever more trivial issues is no accident, but because the position of the Left is so very precarious.

As the Left has triumphed ever-more-completely over Western culture, the conflict with what is spontaneous, natural and intuitive gets ever-more-extreme.

At any moment the whole elaborate and artificial, carefully and incrementally built-up edifice of Leftism in a particular person can collapse - years of deception, falsehood, the product of vast and intricate propaganda, manipulations and bureaucratic pressure... since it is ever more false, ugly and gut-level wicked it is terribly, terribly vulnerable - the slightest crack in the fa├žade may propagate to and crumble.

Hence nothing is too small, too trivial, too insignificant to let pass - every slightest transgression needs to be stamped-on; the terror must be maintained, nobody of significance can be seen to get away with anything!

This is where thought crime comes in. Any stray word, fleeting facial expression, small inappropriate gesture, any omission of piety, is evidence of impure thoughts which must be stopped and punished because who knows where they will lead?

So far, the edifice remains in place, because of the ever vaster and more pervasive power of the addictive media. But the media must keep growing, the detection of dissent must be ever-more thorough, the sanctions ever more disproportionate to the infractions.

Because in spiritual warfare the odds are stacked in favour of God and salvation, and against the devil and damnation; as the tempter demon Screwtape openly acknowledges in CS Lewis's book. There can be repentance and acknowledgement of Christ at any time up to the last moment of mortal life, and indeed somewhat beyond.  

Having said all this - the world as it is now, in the West, under the influence of the mass media - is probably the most hazardous for souls that it ever has been in the history of the world; because never has the inversion of Good been so thorough and so powerfully propagated.

Nonetheless, it is important that we don't forget the weakness of the enemy; and recall that the thoroughness of modern thought-control as it moves into micro-aggression (and beyond into nano-aggressions?) is evidence of the extreme fragility of Leftism - not of its robustness, nor of its resilience.