Thursday, 21 May 2015

What does God want from Men?

It is helpful, in being a Christian, to know what God wants from us Men - To know, ultimately, where it is all supposed to be going.

The answer is that God wants us to become like Him, as much like Him as possible - so that we can dwell with Him in the same kind of relationship as he has with Jesus Christ.

We are Sons (and Daughters) of God, and so was Jesus Christ - but Christ began as God and became Man - we begin as Men and are offered the chance to become gods.

We are currently immature, childish, weak and flawed Sons of God - and God wants us to grow-up, as much as possible (eventually).

(This growing-up process is variously called theosis, sanctification, spiritual progression, divinization.)

That is what God wants from us; and salvation is ('just') the necessary first step on this path.

And it all depends on whether we agree with this plan; because we have to choose to cooperate with it - it will not be forced-upon us.

Do we want to become gods and live with God the Father and Jesus Christ - not as equal in status; but able to relate and communicate with them on the same level?

Or not?