Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Intuition, Prophecy and Shaping all depend on complete overview

Nobody can ever know more than a little, so more knowledge seldom solves anything; but when knowledge is systematically incomplete, then the distortion is irrevocable - and increased information merely increases the persistence in error.


Imagine that we live in that world we recognize in Mundane public discourse, but that Faery is also real - in a different dimension (accessible at certain nodal points, in certain circumstances).

But Mundane reality and Faery are real, both exert an influence on our lives.

There are two possible errors we might make, from our perspective in the Mundane world:

1. Ignore Faery, deny its reality, leave it out of all calculations.

We do not understand because we lack intuition - consequently all our predictions and prophecies will be wrong (except by chance - which will mislead us into thinking we know more than we do) and our interventions to shape the world will fail to achieve the desired effect.

We will be sustained in our error by our refusal or inability to consider any consequences except the Mundane.

2. The second error is to assume that Faery is real, and the mundane world merely a shadow.

We will devalue, write-off our mundane experience - because it entails that we Mundane creatures can known nothing real or true, and our experiences count for nothing - this will lead to monstrous misapprehensions, callousness, nihilism, despair.

So, only consideration of both Mundane and Fairy worlds is real.

Where, then, may such a consideration be attained?

Not, for sure, by any mundane system. But only in the individual mind of a person whose soul 'fuses' both Mundane and Faery elements into something inclusive of both.

Such a person would be the only entity capable of governing well. Anything other would be like a creature that was aware only during daylight and did not realize that he slept through all the nights - hence he knew nothing of night - hence he assumed there only was daylight.

Now: unravel the parable...