Friday, 26 June 2015

The way ahead is via foolishness


I am talking about England, and I am neither being despairing nor sarcastic.


In a desperate situation, there often arises an admiration for shrewdness, cunning, calculation, strategic planning...

But when the desperate situation is self-inflicted, then all this knowingness works against you.


To allow oneself to become a fool is to trust in the unknown (call it the 'magical'); and as a way forward it has potential for both evil and good. It has also the potential for self-deception - one may simply be pretending folly.

To be a fool is not to be going anywhere in particular, certainly not anywhere that you know about - but it may be a good way to get out from where you are (when you, deep down, don't what to be there). 


Nothing can be said about where it will all end-up (nothing should be said). That is the whole point.

Somehow the magic must be let-in. And sometimes this is the only way.


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