Monday, 16 November 2015

Metaphysical imagination - You Are Free

Most people are made nihilists and forced-into despair by their metaphysical assumptions; but these can be changed. First by becmoing aware of them - then by changing them.

For instance people feel that everything in their own minds (and from their own minds) has been caused by something else - that their thoughts, feelings, motives... all have been put-into them - and what comes-out is just a consequence, merely a transformation of what has been put-in.

People will argue that this is so - that theythemselves are really nothing: a mere concentration of processes - an illusion.

But imagine that your mind is an uncaused cause: can cause without being caused.

Imagine that your mind can originate thoughts. Imagine that it is a remarkable entity, not like any machine, not even a super-computer - but a remarkable entity from which things arise that were never put there.

Imagine that your mind does not only process information - but can spontaneously generate it. Thoughts appear - but it cannot be explained from whence they came - they are absolutley incalulable!

It seems a dizzying notion  - but for Christians it is literally true, implied by revelation.