Monday, 7 March 2016

Two and a half million-plus page views, 3820 posts - but still declining...

This blog has now passed 2.5M page views over its lifespan. I have been actively, daily blogging since May 2010 - approaching 8 years - 3820 posts at an average of about 1.3 posts per day.

But despite the continual accumulation of posts, the monthly page views have been declining for two years; and the usual number of views per new post has gone down; and the rate of commenting has also gone down

So, this blog is dying in terms of its impact - and I suppose this is a fairly general trend in the blogosphere; but as yet I have no interest in participating in the 'social media' which are replacing blogging with briefer, and ever briefer (and less cognitively-demanding) stimuli.

As things are going, a blog like this is probably inferior in its value (including to myself) to some of the user groups which preceded blogging - at any rate my old sense of writing for an 'audience' has long since gone; and there may soon come a point when simply a personal web page would be better for what I want to do than the blog format.