Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Signs of spiritual revival - what to look for

Of course there are negative signs - such as a withdrawal from the consumerism and materialism of modern life (reduced economic activity, failure of new fashions in clothes and goods,  a retail slump, fewer Christmas cards and less expensive presents!).

But positive signs too: an obvious increase of appreciation of real beauty, including landscape, skies, traditional arts. 

Simple labelling of deliberate ugliness and the subversion and marring of beauty as such.

A wave of truth-telling and insistence on honesty (refusal to sign, refusal to vote, refusal to participate in lying and misleading - done at the cost of personal disadvantage).

Most vitally repentance; by which I mean an explicit admission that 'I' was wrong, 'I personally' propagated falsehoods.

Use of the morality of transcendental motivation and aims in an eternal perspective (beyond death and human perception or memory).

Explicit rejection of a morality of comparative human behaviour.

Explicit rejection of the modern notion of hypocrisy i.e. failing to live up to ideals - as the ultimate sin; and instead an insistence in the correctness of ideals as the primary necessity for morality (because free speech, tolerance etc are all subordinate and relative to the primary ideals).

(Better to have an flawed person aiming at the proper ideals; than a well-behaved, intelligent, charismatic, intelligent, beautiful person engaged in the subversion and inversion of Goodness.)

Increased public, explicit, referencing and discussing of the non-material world; that beyond the five senses and the measurable - acknowledgement and celebration of the fact that the world is a larger place than that...

Baby steps indeed - but necessary; and a radical reversal of the trend of many decades.