Friday, 10 February 2017

The fundamental purpose of creation - the great insight of William Arkle

The primary great and simple insight of William Arkle, in which respect he excels - beyond any other source I have discovered (ancient or modern) - is the clarity with which he understand the primary purpose for which God created Man and the rest of reality.

His point is that God created, in order to have divine friends.

God is - indeed - Heavenly Father and Mother; and men and women were created so that eventually and ultimately they may (via experience, striving and learning) choose to become beings of the same nature; therefore not only children of God, but grown-up children of God. Grown-up to full divinity.

If this is accepted and embraced as truth (which can only be a consequence of personal revelation; not of evidence, reason or any other 'proof' - but as a simple consequence of the traditional Christian understanding of God as creator and loving parent) this single insight changes 'everything'.

Well, not everything - the basics of Christianity remain identical; but what those basics are is clarified, and what they mean and how they interact are transformed; furthermore it can be seen that a great deal of assertion and interpretation of the past is mistaken (often understandably and justifiably so - but mistaken nonetheless).

With this single primary insight, we have a way of judging and evaluating the mass of apparently contradictory assertions accumulated by history, and by our own inferences.

It is a key that makes possible much else. From where we are here-and-now (a world full of dominant and deliberate disinformation; in which original na├»ve innocence is so generally corrupted, subverted, inverted) - that key seems ever-more essential.