Saturday, 28 May 2016

Brexit and Remain - the latest, distracting, pseudo-important spectacle

US readers may be aware that there will soon be a referendum about whether Britain Exits ('Brexit') or 'Remain's in the European Union.

Even if we did not already have decades of evidence of the evil agenda of destruction of (real) Christianity and of The Good (Truth, Beauty and Virtue) that is the foundational and in-built strategy of the EU; the nature of Remain's support would be conclusive. The entire intellectual establishment (the neoreactionaries 'Cathedral') support Remain (except for a few token populist careerists) - plus the idealist ultra-extreme Leftists.

For instance, a leaflet has just dropped through my letter slot from the Labour Party (i.e. official Opposition) Leader Jeremy Corbyn - a man whose life has been and remains devoted to revolutionary Communism on the Soviet model - and he says that he 'believes' that the UK should 'remain and reform' the EU.

(By 'reform' he means make all its many existing faults more extreme - and this is indeed readily do-able - which is why he supports Remain; whereas actual reform in the sense of 'making better' is obviously ridiculously impossible.)

Yet the Referendum is merely a distracting spectacle - because, whatever people think (as distortedly reflected by how they fill-out their ballots, as distortedly reflected by the actual ballots submitted for counting, which are distortedly-counted and distortedly-averaged, distortedly-interpreted and reported with extreme secular Leftist bias) --- it is extremely unlikely that our ruling elites in the mass media, government, public administration, law, education, the police and military, the mainstream churches, and the public services workforce and management (leave aside, the actual demons and their servants of the international micro-ultra ruling-elite, who of course also support Remain)... will allow Britain to leave the EU*.

(The EU has, after all - and for decades, been the major excuse for everything bad imposed on British life that the elites also covertly want --- most especially uncontrolled and open-ended and subsidized mass immigration, and the comprehensive destruction -> inversion of Law, public morality and prudent social regulation.) 

But even if - by some implausible chance - the UK did leave the EU as a consequence of this referendum; we would still be stuck with ourselves: that is, with our evil elite and the cowardly, corrupt, decadent, short-termist and hedonistic population that the UK has become; and decisively since from fifty years ago we became dominantly secular and Leftist in both the mass media and official public life.

It is a case of Garbage In - Garbage Out; and in terms of religion and spirituality, the UK is and has for a long time been 'garbage'; meaning that what we actually want from our lives is no better than, indeed inferior to, the ethics of the farmyard: we want merely comfort, convenience, distractions, excitement, intoxication and feeling good about ourselves - underpinned (and undermined) by a sub-animal self-hatred and covert desire for self-annihilation.

Good governance cannot come from bad people - and in Christian terms (indeed in terms of any coherent religion) we are a bad people; so very bad that we do not even want to be good - and so much so that our ideas of good and bad are officially inverted in many and vital respects (especially in that most important area of sexuality, marriage and family).

I do not vote (about anything); and while I regard voting to Remain as an active-embrace of explicit evil - I also regard a vote for Brexit as at best deluded but mostly merely tactical selfishness.

And the whole idea of 'deciding' these crucial moral issues by a faked-up process of pseudo-vote buying and intimidating, counting and averaging, is perhaps the most ridiculous and corrupting thing of all...

There is no short term and comfortable secular or common-sense solution to Britain's terminal problems - because we would not be where we are (actively committing national suicide, by multiple means, not just in the long term, but the medium term) except we are in a terrible state as people.

This is not despair but hard-nosed realism

First there must be a religious, spiritual, and moral regeneration of a critical mass of people; and then... well, only then would we be able to see what to do.

As things stand, the EU referendum is like asking the inmates of a prison/ hospital for the criminally insane to come up with a plan for a better world...

First we need to cure the inmates; but even before that, the inmates must want to be cured.

[* I mean, that leaving the EU - in the face of evil-elite opposition - requires a stronger, more sustained and unified motivation than the British population are capable of. Mere common sense and socio-economic long-termism do not suffice. To motivate such a strategic change requires either hatred (which would lead to bad outcomes, as well as being intrinsically evil) or else something a positive and constructive as a religious motivation. Nationalism was, briefly, capable of redirecting religiousness in a secular cause, but only briefly and in the past - modern nationalism, in secular societies, is feeble. The point must always be remembered that the Left have it 'easy' in political terms - because it is easier to destroy than to create, and the Left are able to use envy, resentment, hatred, short-term selfishness and all the other vices - or indeed selected virtues - in order to pursue their strategic goal of destroying the Good. But the Christian perspective knows that motivations must be Good for outcomes to be Good; and that bad motivations - as well as actions - need to be repented. In sum, to leave the EU against vast opposition and for the outcome to be net Good requires, that the motivation be Good; or else it would merely serve to aid the cause of evil. At present the UK population are religiously indifferent or anti-religious; and do not have any Good and Strong reason for leaving the EU, or staying, or indeed doing anything in particular about anyting at all - except what seems expedient.]