Friday, 8 September 2017

A definition of Primary Thinking

I have been blogging a lot about 'Primary Thinking' in recent months, but it has been difficult to make a short definition of what I mean by it. Here is an attempt...

Primary Thinking is Active, Conscious Intuition

Intuition is usually thought to be an unconscious, spontaneous, event - something that happens-to-us... But, in contrast, Primary Thinking is intuition done with effort; purposively, deliberately, and in awareness of what we are doing and what we discover.

On the other hand, my own understanding of this took me several years of considerable effort; and there is no particular reason why I can make the process of understanding quick and 'easy' for readers.

Since it wasn't easy for me, why should it be easy for you? To understand, you would need to meet me half-way, or more than half-way; you must make more effort in understanding than I make in communicating...

You must, in fact, meet-me in the realm of universal reality! Only there can communication become knowledge.


Jane Wrigg said...


There's an offer and a challenge.

It seems to me that the way you have written this, primary thinking is akin to what I have always understood to be magic. Could it be that the magicians, the seers, etc of the past were doing 'it' in a way that was suitable for their time. Are we to access the same stream or realm, but from a different perspective, with knowledge that we have now, that was not understood in the past?

I'm feeling my way here.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JW - It is probably best to think of this as something new, rather than trying to find probably-misleading equivalents in previous eras.